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Race cars come with a hefty price tag and cannot be hauled from one place to another without a race car trailer. Race car trailers are enough to captivate every mind present in the arena, however, the wait is of the race car that would arrive hustling on the ground. The scenario discussed above resembles a scene from a Hollywood movie, which is about to showcase a racing scene.

Well, for most of us, race car trailers are of no use, however, for people who are active participants in racing, the need is inevitable. But the question that arises here is, where to buy these race car trailers? Well, to your astonishment, they are easily available online with dealers who are into selling these quality vehicles. With the advent of technology, it has become quite easy to access such service providers.
You can even find some dealers that provide used race car trailers at affordable rates online. All you need to do is research a little and choose the one, which offers the best price for their services. However, before buying used trailers, make sure they fit your budget and other specifications.

Now with the upcoming racing car event, there are a few things, which you must consider if you are planning to participate. Trailers vary in terms of size, features, types and you need to make sure that you buy the one that fits all of your specifications. The first concern is regarding what are you going to haul? Either a race car, plush car, or a customized car? And for these, what would you need; a cargo trailer or an enclosed trailer? The specifications could be answered in a customized fashion.

You can find an array of dealers that provide a questionnaire, where each answer helps in customizing the look of the trailer in a more efficient manner. In this way, we can say that the Internet is quite accessible and advantageous. Other than offering customized option, these online dealers also offer several lucrative deals on these car trailers. You can save a lot on your bucks with used race car trailers available for sale online.

You can also customize the outer look of the trailer, according to your business, racing team, or brand. There are dealers who proffer custom paint job as a part of their quality service. Buying a car trailer is a big decision, hence, it is advised to buy it from an efficient dealer.


Significance of Vintage Race Car Haulers

When you own a completely restored vintage car, you will gain the respect of many car enthusiasts, as you will have a major part of the automotive industry’s history. Now, the possession of such a treasured piece naturally elicits concern as to its safety. Yet keeping your restored vintage car under lock and key is not really the best option since it is more likely to become rusty instead. And anyway, what’s the use of having such a treasure if it is not to be seen? 

Yet moving it to either vintage car races or shows may prove rather tricky. Restoring a vintage car takes a lot of effort, time, and money, hence you would not want to risk all these going down the drain due to some damage. This is why it is important to use a vintage race car hauler in NZ. This is a special truck or trailer that carries the vintage car in order to prevent it from being damaged, either by elements or anything else.

There are different types of vintage race car haulers, the difference being mainly in size. You can hence look for the right kind of size that will safely carry your vintage car. It is important that you get a vintage race car hauler that will not allow your treasured vehicle to move about during the process of transportation.

In addition, the hauler should be strong enough to hold the weight of your vintage car, and it also needs to be well sealed so as not to allow in the elements that may damage your car in some way. Things such as dust and water should not reach your vintage car. The vintage race car hauler will also take the role of your vehicle’s garage.

The hauler should have enough space to store the necessary spare parts and other relevant pieces of equipment, so you should also bear this in mind in your search for a suitable vintage race car hauler. Basically, you may get a hauler for your vintage car in two ways. The first and better option is to purchase your own vintage race car hauler. However, your financial constraints may not yet allow you to take this step. In such a case, there are haulers that you may hire when the need arises.

Although there are numerous vehicle movers, many of them usually cater for new cars, which means that they may not be suited to transport your vintage car. You need to ask and determine whether the moving company has provisions for hauling vintage cars. You should also verify whether it has necessary insurance.

The distance one wishes to travel. For inter-city travels, a standard-issue trailer is appropriate, however in case of long-distance travels, one should use upgrades to enhance the efficiency of one’s trailer with stabilizers, tie-downs, LED tail lights among other things. So it’s quite beneficial to have different types of trailers for different quantity of distance they are going to be used for transport.

One’s budget. It is the most important factor that influences one’s decision on the type of trailer he/she will buy. One needs to balance out the loans taken from banks with the amount of income he/she will make over the course of the following months. One must take care not to buy a trailer with feature that one doesn’t require while at the same time not spending too less that the trailer is not efficient enough.

The newer enclosed trailers have an advanced hydraulic lift system to ensure that the cargo remains horizontal while loading this system works on the same principle as that of an elevator, so that the cargo remains completely level throughout the loading/unloading process. For cases when the surface is sloped, the lift can be inclined to ensure a smooth loading. Needless to say, loading is a very important process which requires all the care one can muster, especially for large-sized cargo, since the damage risk increases exponentially with size.

This is the reason why most enclosed trailers have an oversized ramp gate along with halogen lightings and skylights to help load cargo safely even at night or under misty conditions.

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Race Car Transporters – The Future is Here


We live in a day and age where racing cars are becoming quite famous. More and more people are willing to pay more in order to get a race car. In addition to that, the number of sport racing venues has grown exponentially, leading to a new exodus of drivers ready to get behind the wheels and show what they got.

In order to keep up with the advancement in technology and to help both speed drivers and race drivers to get the peace of mind that their cars are properly cared for, more and more companies offering race car transporter services have popped up on the market. One of the best companies that offer sports car trailers and adjacent services in New Zealand is Futura Trailers.

What Actually Makes Futura Trailers Unique?

Futura Trailers stands head and shoulders above other companies on the market by offering high-quality race car transportation services. Their towing machines are lightweight, high-quality and very easy to drive. Being made of a special aluminum alloy, they allow you to tow the car even when the car trailer NZ is not connected to a vehicle.

In other words, you can drive your car onto the platform and wait for the towing vehicle to come and take your car to the service. No other company until now has managed to create such a lightweight, futuristic trailer.

You can choose from single axle and tandem axle. While the single axle trailer is very easy to move around and can easily tow any type of small to medium sports car, the tandem axle trailer is specially designed to transport wide vehicles without any tilting deck or ramp.

Futura Trailers – Solving the Problem

Futura Trailers solves a very common problem for race car drivers. Because most race cars are wide and almost touch the ground due to the ground effect, towing one of these car seems like a daunting task for most towing companies. Because platforms are usually bulky, most race cars need additional heavy ramps to get the vehicle onto the platform.

Futura Trailers has managed to solve this problem by coming with a futuristic approach. Their low loader features a very low approach angle that enables you to lower the deck at a touch of a button. Once the deck is lowered, you can safely drive your car onto the platform, which is then towed and sent to the service.

If you’ve ever experienced the embarrassing situation of having your car stuck on a deck or on a ramp, or even damaged, you’re probably well aware of this problem. You will love the simplicity offered by a Futura Trailer deck and you will be eager to maximize the benefits offered by either a single or tandem axle.

If you are stuck or you need a lift to your sports car, do not hesitate to enter and call us for a lift.

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