Race Car Transporters – The Future is Here


We live in a day and age where racing cars are becoming quite famous. More and more people are willing to pay more in order to get a race car. In addition to that, the number of sport racing venues has grown exponentially, leading to a new exodus of drivers ready to get behind the wheels and show what they got.

In order to keep up with the advancement in technology and to help both speed drivers and race drivers to get the peace of mind that their cars are properly cared for, more and more companies offering race car transporter services have popped up on the market. One of the best companies that offer sports car trailers and adjacent services in New Zealand is Futura Trailers.

What Actually Makes Futura Trailers Unique?

Futura Trailers stands head and shoulders above other companies on the market by offering high-quality race car transportation services. Their towing machines are lightweight, high-quality and very easy to drive. Being made of a special aluminum alloy, they allow you to tow the car even when the car trailer NZ is not connected to a vehicle.

In other words, you can drive your car onto the platform and wait for the towing vehicle to come and take your car to the service. No other company until now has managed to create such a lightweight, futuristic trailer.

You can choose from single axle and tandem axle. While the single axle trailer is very easy to move around and can easily tow any type of small to medium sports car, the tandem axle trailer is specially designed to transport wide vehicles without any tilting deck or ramp.

Futura Trailers – Solving the Problem

Futura Trailers solves a very common problem for race car drivers. Because most race cars are wide and almost touch the ground due to the ground effect, towing one of these car seems like a daunting task for most towing companies. Because platforms are usually bulky, most race cars need additional heavy ramps to get the vehicle onto the platform.

Futura Trailers has managed to solve this problem by coming with a futuristic approach. Their low loader features a very low approach angle that enables you to lower the deck at a touch of a button. Once the deck is lowered, you can safely drive your car onto the platform, which is then towed and sent to the service.

If you’ve ever experienced the embarrassing situation of having your car stuck on a deck or on a ramp, or even damaged, you’re probably well aware of this problem. You will love the simplicity offered by a Futura Trailer deck and you will be eager to maximize the benefits offered by either a single or tandem axle.

If you are stuck or you need a lift to your sports car, do not hesitate to enter www.futuratrailers.com and call us for a lift.

Contact our friendly team at Futura Trailers to make a booking!



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